Submission Guidelines

Thank you for considering StillCenter Publications or Oxbridge Publishing as a home for your book. Whether you are interested in submitting to StillCenter or Oxbridge, the submission process is the same. We ask that you download the Submissions Guideline pdf, read it and then submit to us by email at the address indicated.

We are a relatively new publisher, but with most of the advantages of a larger publisher and few of the disadvantages. Whereas more established publishers will only commit to review your submission months from the time you submit it, our goal is to provide responses within days to at most a few weeks. Whereas the larger publishers will tell you that publication dates are months or even years in the future, we aim to get books to market in weeks if possible. Indeed, if we identify what we believe is a hot new title, we will look to getting it to market in days to a few weeks depending on our new-release schedule. Usually, we pay a higher rate of royalty than rival publishers, and we publish worldwide. While a key route to market is Amazon, we provide our print books with general ISBN numbers so that they can also be sold in bookstores, not just on Amazon. We encourage authors to publish in multiple formats: paperback, eBook and, where it makes sense, Audible. We will provide assistance.

Out of print books for republishing: We see many excellent books that are out of print because a larger publisher decided to not keep them in their catalog. We welcome submission to us of such books.

Look at the descriptions of our two imprints below and decide which imprint you are submitting to.

Download the Submission Guidelines here.




Our Imprints

Our imprint for fiction, non-fiction, poetry, and textbooks on a wide variety of topics
StillCenter Our imprint for spiritual, religious, self-help and related texts










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